Oops! Sheet™ is a winner of the PTPA Media Award

The PTPA Media Awards celebrate product excellence as rated by over 40,000 Volunteer parent testers.


Oops! Sheet™ products are made of soft cotton, are waterproof and breathable, and machine washable. Parenthood simplified!

Oops! Undies - Waterproof Bamboo Kids Underwear

Kids don't always want to stop playing for something as boring as using the toilet. Often when they realize they REALLY need to go, they are busting! Oops! Undies are ideal for light incontinence. Soft Bamboo with a waterproof membrane built into the fabric. The best part? They look and feel just like regular underwear! FAQs and Size Chart is here.

Ages + Stages: What's great about Oops! Sheet™ Waterproof Mattress & Pillow Protectors?

Queen & King

Pregnant Mamas! Will your water break when you are in bed? Do your plan to nurse your baby in your bed? And what will you do when your partially potty trained child wants to crawl into YOUR bed in the middle of the night?


Many cribs on the market convert into a double sized bed. Protect your child's mattress from bouts of the flu and occasional oopsies! And keep night diapers out of the landfills.


The move into a big kid bed is a wonderful milestone! Keep it low stress with an Oops! Sheet™ to protect against the occasional vomit session or potty training mishap.



Your baby's sleep is of the utmost importance, to you and to your baby. Make cleaning up the occasional diaper blow out or spit up quick and minimally disruptive so baby can get back to sleep... zzz...

By popular demand, Oops! Sheet Waterproof Cotton Pillow Protectors zip shut. Soft and cozy, they are a completely waterproof way to ensure that your pillows don't get soiled. Make sure your family's illnesses don't stick around or spread by protecting your pillow with an Oops! Sheet Waterproof Cotton Pillow Protector. Life can be messy, but that doesn't mean your pillows have to be!

On The Go: Why parents love our Oops! Sheet™ Waterproof Car Seat Covers.

Infant & Toddler

Your child can grow with our revolutionary Oops! Sheet™ car seat cover. One size fits most infant and toddler car seats. (24" x 40" x 3")

Spills, diaper blow outs, and potty training mishaps rarely happen close to home, but no matter where they happen, they are a huge project to clean up.

Designed with velcro opening to accommodate a three or five point harness system, an Oops! Sheet™ Waterproof Car Seat Cover makes on-the-go mishaps a breeze to cleanup. And you can continue on your merry way...

Adventures Away From Home: Keep the fun... fun!
Sleeping Bag Liner

Whether it's a family camping trip, sleepaway camp, or a sleepover at a buddy's house, having an oopsie can really put a damper on the fun.

Discreet and a cinch to clean up, our Oops! Sheet™ Waterproof Kids Sleeping Bag Liner will have your wee folk, as well as your big kids, going to bed with confidence! Fits up to 4ft 9in (146cm).